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Covid-19 brought a few challenges along with it's untimely arrival. At first it seemed as if we were going to shut alongside other businesses and we were doing our best preparing for the doom days. We were ready for a lockdown, bought paving sand for our home to put down pavers that have been sitting there for so long. But low and behold no lockdown, no government knocking on our door. Business of course started to slow down, losing some of our main clients due to shutdowns, we thought we were just going to run out of jobs and close like a lot of people had. Then, it was like a tidal wave hit us, someone somewhere by the will of who knows what decided that to keep businesses open + safe, they should have protective screens in place at their counters. We have been making screens for a various of businesses for a very long time and only had to change our course of action a little bit, we thought we would get a few jobs and still be quite unbusy, oh boy we were very wrong. Suddenly we had a full board with deliveries and installs, which we have never done in the past. Making protective screens for businesses small and large. Our biggest jobs at the beggining and most notable were IKEA Canberra and Supabarn stores in the Canberra and Sydney region. Dave was out on the town measuring and quoting in his spare time whilst the team was at work pushing the orders out as quickly as possible, pushing the screens to top priority. It has been a whirlwind since the end of March, with a few obstacles along the way, such as supply of 4.5 + 6mm acrylic running out Australia wide. It seems as if we are on the other side of all this now, our old clients are re-opening and we are getting our normal-ish jobs back, but we are still pushing out screens to businesses as they open back up, such as the Australian War Memorial and Questacon as of recent. We have made it to this semi other side and we are extremely grateful to all the businesses and clients who continued to support us through this stressful and unknown time. 


Vinnies Mitchell

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Plastic creations showroom

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