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Profile & Laser Cutting

Plastic Creations has been using a computer controlled CNC routing machine since 2001.  We supply a comprehensive service to every industry.  We can cut letters, shapes and engrave, using both the router and laser machines.  We cut from a range of materials, including composite aluminium, acrylic, MDF, styrene and much more.  Your material or ours!

Our clients benefit from our experience in plastic fabrication, often integrating fabrication and profile cutting into a project.

The CNC is 2000x4000, making it a large scale profile cutter needed for those bigger jobs.  

The Laser is cutter and engraver is 700mmx900mm.

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Delicate Profile Cutting

Profile Cutting and Fabrication

Corporzte Signage

Laser Cutting

Large CNC Router

Cake Toppers

Art Projects

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