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Direct Printing

Direct UV Printing onto Acrylic & other substrates is our newest service to our ever changing business and is set to change the way you promote your products and the possibilities are endless.   With our new Mimaki UV Printer, we can now print directly onto our solid substrate products, including acrylic, composite aluminium, etc.  We offer a wide range of options with our printing, including that of full customizability, guaranteeing the uniqueness and quality of your product.  Whether it’s a photograph, a logo, or something else, we can print it directly onto a piece of substrate up to 50mm thick. The maximum size we can print is A2 (594x420).

Direct Printing is also a fantastic way to display your precious photos.  With the size of the printing up to A2 (594mm x 420mm), you can even create a large scale picture that will look great in your home or office.


IMG_5170 (1).jpg
Image-1 (3).jpg

Large scale collage
8 x A2 prints on 6mm
acrylic, backed onto
3mm clear acrylic

Print on pre-existing products.  Here we are labelling hard drives.

Printing on acrylic.  

Print on 10mm acrylic.

This size stands up indepenantly and does not require a support.

Print of instructions and/or description for retail or workshop areas.

Stand alone business cards, great for show room.   

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